DreamTank Moisturizing Pumice - Deep Desire

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DreamTank's awesomely blended mix of natural, healthy ingredients provides the best clean a working person can get for their hands without harsh stripping agents, or oily films left behind from typical "Mechanic" soaps.

Deep Desire - Aqua Di Gio Scent
Deep Desire is accurately named, this scent has been the go to for most men since it has close similarities to the popular men's cologne scent Aqua Di Gio. It is sure to leave you smelling fresh every time you wash your hands, as well as leave you looking and feeling clean without leaving behind any unwanted oils or chemicals.

Vegetable soap base
Unrefined shea butter
Pumice Beeswax
Bentonite clay
Activated charcoal
Mica soap


For External Use Only!
Contact poison control if product is ingested.